A beautiful fireplace and concrete hearth adds dimension and excitement to any living space, both visually and socially.

Concrete Fireplace Hearth

Suspended Concrete Hearth

When a concrete hearth is cantilevered, the concrete poured projects outward from its support behind the wall giving the impression of a floating concrete hearth.

A Choice of Style and Colour

  • You can choose between polished (honed) concrete or a plain concrete finish. Just about any look can be achieved with a choice of pebbles, aggregates, and sea shells.
  • Coloured oxides are often used in the concrete to highlight concrete’s natural properties and complement interior designs. Grey and white oxides are most popular because they enhance the natural look and style of aggregate.


Inside or outside, the strength of concrete easily stands up to weather and the intense heat of fire. Cantilevered hearths can be used for sitting on too. All Custom Concrete hearths are sealed with a two pot epoxy sealer protecting against staining and porosity.


Concrete hearths are usually formed, polished and sealed on-site.

Designer Concrete

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